About Us

Entry criteria statement

Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson is a catholic school open to boys and girls ready to follow the discipline, commitment and hard work necessary to prepare themselves to work in the Industry.  Preference will be given to the technically inclined students who experience life’s difficulties over the academic achievers and those who are ready to change.  

Vision Statement

Don Bosco Technical Institute is a family of educators involved in the formation of the young, with preferential option for the needy technically inclined youth.  It is committed to providing them with an integral formation by living the Preventive System of Don Bosco, thus forming them into ‘Good Christians and Honest Citizens’ of Solomon Islands.
Mission Statement
  • To journey with the young in an atmosphere of dedication, commitment and collaboration.
  • To grow and work as Pastoral Community
  • To evangelize through education and educate through evangelization.
  • To promote and develop technical skills and attitudes for the Industry
  • To form ourselves as a gift for others.
DBTI Institutional Goals
  • To form an Educative Pastoral Community with the spirit of the early apostolic Church. Thus we aim at becoming credible witnesses of God’s personal and unique love for the young with the heart and style of Don Bosco.
  • To accompany the youth to see their life as a gift of God and help them live it fully as a personal call for responsible service of his kingdom of truth, peace, justice and love.
  • To accompany the students in their growth and maturity and provide an Integral formation - Physical, Intellectual, Moral and Spiritual.
  • To form a mentality in the students which enable them to see and judge the realities of life in a critical manner, to take initiatives and assume their responsible role in the transformation of society.
  • To provide an atmosphere where the values of the Preventive System of Don Bosco are present.  Family Spirit, Friendly presence of an educator, Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness, Spirit of hard work and sacrifice, discipline and spirit of joy, optimism and enthusiasm.
  • To provide technical skills which will enhance self worth, self confidence, self dignity, initiative and self sustaining productive activities.