“DBTI – HOME AWAY FROM HOME” Taking the challenge to travel out from my own country to start new career was really a tough decision for me. Without any knowledge of how the life would be out there, new work environment and meeting new people with various tradition and believe system. Attempting to learn Solomon Islands pidgin is a big struggle even today.

DBTI Rector’s Cup Opening Celebration 2017

DBTI Rector’s Cup Opening Celebration 2017 The Rector’s Cup is an athletic competition series between classes inside the DBTI aiming to put the students’ athletic skills to test. For example, basketball, Soccer, Netball, Futsal and Volleyball are held under the competition series. In fact, Sport plays an important part in the life of our Institute. At yesterday’s gala ceremony held at school, few guests were at honor, but most and we thank them for coming, were the Bosconians bot on OJT and those graduated.

“WE ARE A FAMILY! Every home, a school of Life and Love!”

“WE ARE A FAMILY! Every home, a school of Life and Love!” On these words of the Strenna 2017, I would like to welcome back the senior students to the Salesian Family. For our new students and parents this academic year, thank you for joining Don Bosco Technical Institute. It is now on your family, your school of life and love. All of us have the strong personal experience that we are born to a family, and are born a family, with the beauty and limits of every family, but ultimately within a family. A family, which is in its very concrete human reality where the art of Life and Love is learnt.

POB-DBTI Tree Planting Ceremony

On Thursday 16th February, the Pan Oceanic Banc (POB) offered to the school hundreds of Mahogany trees. The guest from POB, as one of their resolution this year, came with the objective to fight against deforestation in the country. So their conduct an awareness which conclude usually with the tree planting. Thus, the program in our school started at 10:00 am with the singing of the National Anthem. Then our guests were made of the COO of POB, Mr. Nigel, Mr Felix Koraimae, Under-Secretary of Ministry of Forests and Mr. Manu, Reforestation Officer. The principal of the school, fr.


As students, each one of us has a voice and a contribution to make to our DBTI. It is important that we be given the opportunity to express our views on issues of concern to ourselves in the school. It is equally important that we are listened to and encouraged to take an active part in promoting the aims and objectives of the school. To comply this, our School has kept the tradition of electing class captains who are made to form the SRC. To come up with this council, the Principal, Fr. Moïse, together with the deputy and other teachers, assist by facilitating the holding of elections.

Yukie Miyano, JICA Volunteer

As a JICA volunteer, I would like to thank the School management for accepting me to be part of DBTI family. I am proud to have come here all the way from Japan to share the little skills I have. Actually, I am the one to learn more than me teaching. In fact, I have had good impression at DBTI, that is, everyone greets me gratefully and speaks amiably to me. While many Japanese youth may be shy, Solomon Islanders are not.

Our Culture - Our Nation , Honourable Bartholomew Parabolo, MP

Solomon Islands is a complex society with many different cultures and beliefs. The cultural diversity in Solomon Islands is obviously seen through the very many languages and dialects, traditional dances, handicrafts, architecture and many more aspects of our unique diversity. Culture is an important resource for Solomon Islands bearing with it the economic potentials it has through the tourism industry and other relating sectors.

Our Nation - Our Culture, Honourable Manasseh Damukana Sogavare, MP

It is an honour and pleasure to be invited to share my thoughts for this Commemorative Brochure celebrating the Special Cultural Night which the Don Bosco Technical Institute hosts on Thursday 21st July 2016. The theme for this Cultural Night - OUR CULTURE, OUR NATION is a subject that is so relevant to the 38th Independence Anniversary underlying theme - EMBRACING PEACE FOR NATION BUILDING – which the Government and People celebrated on 7th July 2016.