Our Culture - Our Nation , Honourable Bartholomew Parabolo, MP

Solomon Islands is a complex society with many different cultures and beliefs. The cultural diversity in Solomon Islands is obviously seen through the very many languages and dialects, traditional dances, handicrafts, architecture and many more aspects of our unique diversity. Culture is an important resource for Solomon Islands bearing with it the economic potentials it has through the tourism industry and other relating sectors. It is imperative that our people take ownership and be appreciative of our own cultures. This then underpins the significance of being good stewards of our cultures and heritage as advocators and practitioners through our daily interactions and engagements. The ‘Cultural Night’ initiative by the Don Bosco Institutions is an example of such kinds of initiatives geared towards the preservation and promotion of our cultures in the 21st Century, as well as moulding the young generation to take ownership of their cultural heritage through cultural activities and cultural exchanges. Wishing the event every success, Honourable Bartholomew Parabolo, MP Minister for Culture and Tourism