Yukie Miyano, JICA Volunteer

As a JICA volunteer, I would like to thank the School management for accepting me to be part of DBTI family. I am proud to have come here all the way from Japan to share the little skills I have. Actually, I am the one to learn more than me teaching. In fact, I have had good impression at DBTI, that is, everyone greets me gratefully and speaks amiably to me. While many Japanese youth may be shy, Solomon Islanders are not. DBTI is a suitable environment for students to acquire a good preparation toward their duties as members of society. In addition, when I am teaching the use of AutoCAD, a computer aided design software; I am impressed by the attention of the students and their thirst to learn more. This is my first expression too to be a teacher, so I appreciate the students of Carpentry, Automotive, MFM and Hospitality for accepting me as their teacher. I am learning a lot from them. What I will wish them is to keep that curiosity of learning more, especially of the new technology like AutoCAD because it now so much used all over the world. I expect from each one of them to launch out into the world with their new skills. I am of the firm conviction that we have properties with superb studying conditions. These are rare occasions in the country, based on my few experience in the different schools and villages I have toured in around the islands. From the deepest of my heart, I intend to devote myself to my students and enjoy myself at DBTI for as long as I will be in Solomon Islands. Yukie Miyano JICA Volunteer