As students, each one of us has a voice and a contribution to make to our DBTI. It is important that we be given the opportunity to express our views on issues of concern to ourselves in the school. It is equally important that we are listened to and encouraged to take an active part in promoting the aims and objectives of the school. To comply this, our School has kept the tradition of electing class captains who are made to form the SRC. To come up with this council, the Principal, Fr. Moïse, together with the deputy and other teachers, assist by facilitating the holding of elections. An overnight orientation program was organize for the leadership camp in order to form the student representative council into servant leaders. Already for the first gathering, an atmosphere of unity and cohesion was felt among us participants. We felt like we are all connected together like a chain. The organizers set up intense but very meaningful activities. The first activity was Ice breaking games organized by mr. Rodney. Through these games the teacher prepared us on how to face hard situation and problems, how to motivate others in words and action. Already in the mood, we went in the audio-visual hall for the first talk given by fr. Moïse. The Overall program was made up of six talks with three workshops. Generally, it was about finding servant leaders models in the Bible, leadership in Melanesian context, the characteristics and challenges of servant leadership, Listening and communicating as skills of a true leader. Then in the workshops, we discussed the making of the SEPP, the expectations from the SRC in DBTI, then the skills on how to plan and evaluate an activity. What I personally learn the content itself of the word “servant leadership.” I understood from now on that to be a servant leader it is not easy thing for anyone but the thing I am interested about is one must be responsible for everyone, treat everyone equal. I also learn how to do service in the right way where others may be happy with you. The most and the wonderful motivation work and the encouragement that I heard on that night was this “go therefore and make disciples of the nation… teach them to obey everything that I have commanded you.” For these skills and knowledge we had the privileged to receive, we sincerely that Fr. Principal and the deputies, Md Hilda, Mr Andrew and md Anke for their lovely talks. Our mission began when we were officially sent to work as servant leaders among our fellow Bosconians. Through the oath we made in front of the Salesians, the teachers and other students who elected us, we were condemned to represent, safeguard and advance the educational, cultural, sporting, social and general interests and welfare of DBTI. Thus each one is expecting from the SRC to display loyalty to the school and its wider community, consistency in modelling the Christ centred values contained in the Vision statement of the school, and maturity in communicating in both a student and adult environment. Please continue to support and cooperate with us to bring this goal to success. By Daniel, Sr. Automotive