“WE ARE A FAMILY! Every home, a school of Life and Love!”

“WE ARE A FAMILY! Every home, a school of Life and Love!” On these words of the Strenna 2017, I would like to welcome back the senior students to the Salesian Family. For our new students and parents this academic year, thank you for joining Don Bosco Technical Institute. It is now on your family, your school of life and love. All of us have the strong personal experience that we are born to a family, and are born a family, with the beauty and limits of every family, but ultimately within a family. A family, which is in its very concrete human reality where the art of Life and Love is learnt. As our school moto states, “born for greater things,” it is in this DBTI family we are prepared to achieve the greater things. Thus, we are all called to be committed to make this family truly a school of life and love. This is a duty which is not only looking in another direction than the one in which the entire school is strongly involved, today under the leadership of the Salesians, but also the humble contribution of every educators. With strong faith and hope, I claim that we as family of educators will continue to focus on the different needs of our students, including academic, non-academic and growth development. It is hoped that our teachers can be both mentors and friends to the students. They should become their life mentors and help students develop their full potential with the aim to create a more prosperous future for their lives. Majority of the staff being young, even at the age of 23, they are ready to give their very best. Of course, we cannot ignore the role of the parents. Together with the commitment of our teachers, the students will be heading straight to the goal. This will be achieved only through a family spirit, friendly presence of the educators among the students, strengthening discipline and a spirit of joy, optimism and enthusiasm. The true hallmark of that education would be one “by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded, and by which one can stand on one’s own feet.” So, seek out that education, discover that truth and remember to use it well. On this note, the school has made effort to upgrade our library with books, a library security system; our labs and workshops, setting up an environment conducive for technical learning. At the heart of the digital age are the youth, who are both the movers and the foremost recipients of this development. It is our aim too at DBTI to make our youth ready for technology, to facilitate their learning in this fascinating field so as to become citizens of the world. We believe that education can always be improved, and the upgrading of the Labs, Workshops and Library is a logical step towards enhancing their ability to acquire knowledge. Despite this, we cannot waver in our task: building our youth for the future is our commitment. I believe that there is never a shortage of generosity, especially if it translates a noble investment that will bring about a better tomorrow for the generations of young people who will succeed us. The school management and teachers are being generous by giving the best of themselves. My wish is to see students and their parents committed and generous enough to this great institution to nurture and care environment of family that will see the best of yourselves Fr. MOISE PALUKU, SDB School Principal