DBTI Rector’s Cup Opening Celebration 2017

DBTI Rector’s Cup Opening Celebration 2017 The Rector’s Cup is an athletic competition series between classes inside the DBTI aiming to put the students’ athletic skills to test. For example, basketball, Soccer, Netball, Futsal and Volleyball are held under the competition series. In fact, Sport plays an important part in the life of our Institute. At yesterday’s gala ceremony held at school, few guests were at honor, but most and we thank them for coming, were the Bosconians bot on OJT and those graduated. This year’s opening Ceremony of the Rector’s Cup took place on Friday, the 4th March with the theme: “United by Don Bosco’s family Spirit, we Run, Jump and Shout but do not Sin.” After days of preparation by each class, the event started in the assembly area at 12 pm. Students from each class invented various team names, representing their trade. Likewise, they also prepared banners, mascots, war-cries and the presentation of dance items. The program began with some brief opening remarks by Mr Freddie Gale as all the Bosconians lined up according to their trades and classes, with their banners held high inside the Gym. The MC, Mr Rodney, who is also the Sport Master of the School, warmly welcomed all the participants and visiting friends. The opening prayer was led by Fr Moïse. During the event, students from each class competed against each other on their war-cries and the presentation of their mascot as judges allocated marks for each performance criteria. At the end of the celebration, the Senior Automotive class, self-styled as the ‘Autohustlers’, became the winners of the Rector’s Cup competition on mascot and war-cry completion, followed by Senior Electrical, the ‘M.C. Isolators’ in the second position, while the third placement was taken by Information Technology. The Rector of the school, Fr Srimal Priyanga, congratulated the winners for their excellent preparation in the program. He continued to thank the other trades, all of whom had given their best and provided excellent and entertaining presentations. He declared the rector’s cup open by receiving back the trophy from the last year winners and the lighting of the Olympic torch. The purpose of the program was to open the year’s sporting competition at the school and to enhance the good spirit of sport amount the young Bosconians, so that they compete with a cheerful heart. The program closed with a sharring of snack at 4:45 pm. By Hillary Edmond Sulageni Senior Electrical