“DBTI – HOME AWAY FROM HOME” Taking the challenge to travel out from my own country to start new career was really a tough decision for me. Without any knowledge of how the life would be out there, new work environment and meeting new people with various tradition and believe system. Attempting to learn Solomon Islands pidgin is a big struggle even today. However, trained to be a Bosconian for the last five years studying in DBTI-PNG, coming here to DBTI – Honiara to begin my career as a Salesian educator was easy. Normally, every Bosconians have a common saying, regardless of the place you are whether up in the highlands or lost in the ocean of oceans, where the spirit of our Fr. John Bosco is, like a “Home Away from Home”, a place of life and love. Getting to know the students and having fun together during break times makes me feel at home. Just forget all about home, mingling around with the bosconians here taking part in every activities, sharing joke and laughing. I feel like staying here because I enjoy being a Bosconian. Showing the underprivileged youth of the Happy Isles that they are loved, training more bosconians in Solomon Island to be competent with character, a good Christians and honest citizens. Rodney AITA ONCE A BOSCONIAN, ALWAYS A BOSCONIAN