Proud to be called Bosconian

Proud to be called Bosconian I am new to Don Bosco Technical Institute, but at the end of a term I have learn a lot and being impressed positively by the institution. Being a Catholic School, it is open to both young men and women who are ready to learn a trade and join the workforce of the country. From now I am proud and convinced to be called Bosconian. Indeed, I am impressed to be part of this family and full of gratitude. So far the school staff which majority is from different countries mark me. No matter the differences, they remain open up to students, are reliable, understandable, cooperative, energetic and good role models to look up to. Still, in the school, I was captivated by the trust given to some students called SRC. They carry on well their task of assisting in keeping the flow of the school and assist other fellow students whenever they fail to abide to rules. They are also at the forefront for any school activity organised by the school. In fact, like the teachers, many of them are also good role models. The weekly schedule set up has impressed me a lot in a sense that from Monday to Friday one fills occupied. The para-curricular activities give another taste to our staying in DBTI. For instance, the liturgical activities, the Rector’s cup opening which involved each class offered an enjoyable and interesting afternoon program. To finish, for me, DBTI does not only teach trades, but teaches us to become spiritually disciplined, physically fit and intellectually trained. Every individual person is indeed “born for greater things.” Thus, I too loudly claim that “once a Bosconian, always a Bosconian;” I am and I will remain. Teisi Quan IT Student